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German proofreading, editing, adaptation, and copy writing

As an expert on this subject I admit that German is a tricky language, even for natives. No matter what kind of text you are going to publish, please do not hesitate to seek advice from professionals in this field.

Proofreading/final editing: Correcting orthography, grammar, and punctuation.

Copy editing: This is all about comprehensibility and reading pleasure. Is the wording adequate? Do some sentences need to be simplified? I will perfect the style and the structure of the script. And if you want me to, I will have a look at the content — maybe some information should be changed according to the German context.

Translation editing: I will compare English original and German translation for semantic errors.

Adaptation: Do you want an advertising slogan to be adapted from English or French into German? While rewriting your slogan, I will make sure it hits the mark.

Copy writing: Promotion brochure, newsletter, booklet, flyer, mailing, advertising slogan, or web content — I will find the words to reach your audience.

Political communication: Especially non-governmental organisations, public administrations, and PR agencies will profit from my experience to create content related to political campaigns.